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Doorways to the Deadeye

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Luke Thacker is a drifting hobo in Depression-era America, riding the rails of the nation and surviving by crumbs and hope. Along the way he learns the iconography of transients—the Hobo Code—better than anyone else and deciphers a secret that thrusts him into Athanasia, the middle ground of memories.

He learns that Athanasia exists around us, a realm in which the deceased persevere by how they are remembered, and the memories Luke meets will do anything to not ever be forgotten, whether by trickery, violence, or daring.

Luke learns, too, that what’s remembered yesterday is not always the same as what will be remembered tomorrow, and he sets off to keep alive the memories of those he loves in the way a ’bo does best: telling tales of old legends, and making up new ones alike.

Fifty years later, the tall crossbucks of Luke Thacker are repeated by homeless King Shaw, who’s struggling to keep Luke’s own legend alive and with it, perhaps, his own.

’Cause it don’t matter if you rob banks with a dead John Dillinger, are hunted over the years by vengeful Earp brothers, or go against the monstrous railroad guard, Smith McCain: When a story is told, all who are part of it become a little stronger.

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  Product Details:                    
  Doorways to the Deadeye   Written by Eric J. Guignard  
  Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-947654-97-6   Published by JournalStone  
  E-book ISBN-13: 978-1-947654-98-3   Edited by Scarlett R. Algee  
  Library of Congress Control Number: 2019941530   Cover Art by Mikio Murakami  
  First edition published in July, 2019   Number of pages: 328 (about 118,000 words)  
  Made in the United States of America      
  Reviews and Praise:              
  “Guignard’s writing captures the depth of emotion underlying fictional terrors.” —Library Journal  
  “Rich, strange, and wonderful, as if Stephen King and Ray Bradbury were sitting together weaving a tale over a camp fire. So good I didn’t want it to end.” —Michael Marshall Smith, NY Times bestselling author (Spares; The Anomaly; The Straw Men trilogy)  
  “This novel is a stunner... shocking to see how powerful the author's lines were, how well-drawn the characters had become.” —Cemetery Dance Magazine  
  “Concerned with everything horror should be concerned about—history, poverty, language, loneliness, the liminal spaces between places where people vanish and stories flourish—Doorways to the Deadeye is a hundred old-school railroad tales reconfigured by Eric J. Guignard into something new, strange, haunting, and haunted. This is a ride worth hopping, and it will take you somewhere you really haven’t been.” —Glen Hirshberg, Shirley Jackson and International Horror Guild Award-winning author, Motherless Children Trilogy  
  “Eric J. Guignard’s Doorways to the Deadeye isn’t just a magnificent, magical, mystical epic; it’s really a long, hard look into the heart of the myth of America. With this, his first novel, Eric has crafted an extraordinary tale that will haunt readers long after they finish it.” —Six-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author Lisa Morton  
  “A stunningly original, well-executed project… charming, full of action and adventure, heartbreak, mysteries, and more… this compelling read is from Stoker Award-winning author and editor Eric J. Guignard, who simply gets better with each new publication.” —A.E. Siraki Reviews  
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